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The New York, New York Cell

Creatures of the Id

The team meet the remains of the Washington, DC, cell and together destroy an alien craft buried under Hopkinsville, Virginia, before it can be exposed on international television.

The Cult of Memory

The team makes a link between the seven-star symbol of the Greys and human race memory of being their slaves long, long ago.


Isaiah Daniels interrogates Emma Coloris about an upcoming Black Book operation and discovers some deeper memories.

Roll Up! Roll Up!

The team assists an Aegis agent on the run from the law. The discover that they are also wanted and escape to Canada in the nick of time.

Research Review

The team is sent some documents that the Black Book badly wants back. It all ends in tears and an enormous shoot out.

A Day In The Life

The team discovers a series of clones, developed by the Black Book as psychically void soldiers to fight the Greys.

The Washington, DC Cell

The Winds of Change (Part II)

The team races against the clock to discover the nature of the threat to Aegis and prevent it from occurring. They fail and Hermes is destroyed.

The Winds of Change (Part I)

Each team member experiences the aftermath of the victory at Vickersburg differently.

Strangers In The Night

The team investigates an alien abduction claim on another cell's patch and ends up assaulting a Black Book base with two platoons of Special Forces.

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

The team investigates a mugging turned murder and end up nearly solving a folkloric puzzle turned nasty.

The Watergate Scandal

The team discovers that the Black Book is funding Creation Science advertising and a secret buried in human genetic code.

Operation Bower Bird

The team screw up the recovery of alien artefacts.

Mistaken Identity

Two of the team track down a double agent who was instrumental in setting up the Black Book ambush which destroyed the previous Washington, D.C. cell.

The Night of Rage

In which our heroes find two corpses, a vengeful spirit and come to understand the nature of Seepage.