A Conspiracy X Home Brew Campaign by Chris Slee

This campaign deals with race memory, alien abduction and humanity's fundamental secret. A potent mix of themes, I think you'll agree. But how can these very distinct concepts be combined?

The Greeks defined tragedy as a story in which a great man is brought low by means of a deep flaw in his being. For example, Oedipus was lead by pride into incest and patricide. Humanity is, if nothing else, flawed. What fate is this fault leading us towards? Can the characters discover the nature of our collective personality defect before the consequences manifest themselves? Is the end inevitable?

CAMPAIGN NOTES An overview an explanation of the campaign for the players. Reading this will spoil your enjoyment of the campaign if you have not finished playing it.
CHARACTERS The Dramatis Personae of our little tragedy.
CELL Can the whole ever really be greater than the sum of its parts?
JOURNAL Things the characters have done and secrets they've learned.
NPCs Friends, allies, antagonists and fiends.
Locations Every drama needs somewhere on which to stage its action.
Rules Because nothing is as simple as it first seems.

Warning! These pages register off the scale on my Pretentiousness Meter.