House Rules

The following is a summary of the house rules I'm using during the campaign. I can't see this page changing much.

Base Rules I'll be using the Main Rule Book and the optional skill rules from the Aegis Handbook, Nemesis and Shadows of the Mind. The Nightscreams Fear rules are also being used with the Bodyguard Of Lies-1 modifications.
Available Skills The MHIC-EDOM skill and related psychotron skills are not available because I think they're just plain dumb. I don't believe this game is about playing Will Smith from the MIB movie.
Greater Psychic Talents Characters with the Greater Psychic trait perform all tasks associated with the Lesser Psychic trait at R3 (as per usual) but perform all tasks associated with their own level at R2 rather than R3. I believe the original rules makes these characters simply too powerful.
Psi Point Expenditure

Psi points are regenerated between missions to save on fiddly accounting. I can' see a mission lasting more than seven days or the characters having less than seven days between missions.

Psi points can be used to lower the difficulty of a psychic test. For example, spend one Psi Point to make an R2 test become an R3 test. This expenditure is on top on any points needed to simply perform the task.

Character Sheets Click here to download my version of the character sheet. Click here to download my version of the cell record sheet.
Spot Rules Click here to download a couple of pages of core rules and summary tables. The idea that is you can concentrate on the game rather than leafing through rule books trying to clarify a point of games law.