Non-Player Characters

These are the people and things the characters have met in their journeys toward either enlightenment or damnation. But are they all that they seem?

Joseph Amatore The corpse of a 62 year old Aegis operative and amateur ghost hunter found dead in a half completed circle of protection. He wrote a commentary on the Queens' Tome, a very important work on the supernatural which has revolutionized Aegis' understanding of psychic ability and the psychic world. See The Night of Rage.
Hilary Bethel A woman abducted by the Black Book for experimentation by the Greys. Once her post-experiment memory programming began to fail, she received a visit from the infamous Men In Black, Black Book agents putting on funny voices. See Strangers in the Night.
Charlie A local crazy guy who shares Amatore's ghostly interests. He committed suicide to avoid being hunted down by a spirit -- a Seepage entity given form by Charlie's actions nearly twenty years ago. Does this make him really crazy? Or does he know something our heroes don't? See The Night of Rage.
Jean-Pierre Colbert A brave man humbled by his ancestors' past and stun grenades. See The Cult of Memory.
Emma Coloris One of the Black Book's top negotiators and known Telepath. She came to Washington to make deals with creation science advocates and geneticists. She also appeared in New York to recover documents precious to the Black Book. See The Watergate Scandal, Research Review and Interrogation. Played in the movie by Uma Thurman.
Portia de Costa An Aegis weapons specialist and, along with Davenport, the only survivors of a mission to steal the power source of a Grey flying disk. See The Winds of Change, Part I.
Richard Davies The Director of the NSA and the head of Aegis Prime. He had a long running affair with Alisa St James and assassinated by Laura Levin in Washington, DC. See The Winds of Change. Played in the movie by an older William H. Macy.
Bruno Giotti One of the Mafia dons in Washington, DC. He considers Malachi a good friend. See The Winds of Change, Part I.
Warwick Hatfield The sheriff of Hopkinsville, Virginia, who apparently allowed Daniel Kelly to escape justice. See Such Stuff As Dreams....
General John Houston A member of Aegis Prime. His main concern is to take the war to the Black Book and will not allow anything to distract him from this task. See The Winds of Change, Part I.
Nicole Hubert The leader of a cult, she delves in to the race memory of the cult's adherents but does not fully understand the origins and meanings of the memories she uncovers. See The Cult of Memory.
Stuart Hume A reporter murdered after investigating the Kaufmann goblin visitation. See Such Stuff As Dreams....
Richard Kaufmann An eight year old boy who apparently knows more about goblin apparitions than he is willing to tell. See Such Stuff As Dreams....
Daniel Kelly Murdered a reporter investigating the Kaufmann's goblin visitations. He believes his ancestors brought the fairy folk with them from Ireland when they settled in America. See Such Stuff As Dreams....
Laura Levin An NSA operative assigned to watch Richard Davies who turned out to be his assassin. Killed by Osbourne in a shoot out. She was part of Randall Travelt's rogue Aegis cell. See The Winds of Change, Part I.
Mike Logan A detective with the Washington, D.C. Police Department. In his mid-thirties and rather cynical, Logan is happy to assist Federal agents as long as they don't tread on his toes. He does his job well and won't be pushed around. See Mistaken Identity.
Dr Adam Lowenstein A geneticist killed by one of his creations. Lowenstein was the head of the Black Book's cloning project, MKOMEGA. See A Day In The Life.
Dr James McDonald A geneticist killed by the Black Book after refusing to work for them or sell them his research. See The Watergate Scandal.
Colonel Craig Moncrief A Black Book operative and career military man in charge of the retrieval of the alien craft at Hopkinsville. See Creatures of the Id.
Chris Munchow A member of People Against UFO Secrecy (PAUFOS) who seems to know more about the team than they are comfortable with. See Research Review.
David Patten A parking station attendant at the Seventh Street Parking Station in downtown D.C. A twenty year old guy with a good memory for faces. See Mistaken Identity.
Troy Riggs The potentially violent and definitely psychotic Aegis operative Alisa has shadowing the characters. He is about average height with dark, close-cropped hair and, although not overly muscled, he is extremely fit and capable. His piercing eyes have obviously seen too much. He obviously believes our heroes to be bumbling fools. Left to die on a mission by Flex. Played in the movie by Billy Bob Thornton.
William Rockerfeller A member of Aegis Prime. Very interested in reforming the organization to make it more effective and better able to withstand attack. See The Winds of Change.
George, et al, Roxio The Roxio brothers are clones created by Lowenstein as part of MKOMEGA Several are already dead either by sentence of the court, violence or execution by the Black Book. See A Day In The Life.
John Sandaval A FBI and Black Book agent killed during interrogation by Flex before he could reveal the nature of the attack being launched against Aegis. See The Winds of Change, Part II.
Jan and Allan Shoemaker A quiet country couple who witnessed the Black Book abduct a victim for Grey medical experiments. See Strangers in the Night.
The Spectres A local bike gang in Still Grove (Washington, D.C.) whose leader has developed an interest in Elizabeth. They seem all noise and thunder rather than capable of real damage. See The Nigth of Rage.
Alisa St. James The characters' Aegis contact and a partner of Pallas Management Conultants. The height of corporate fashion but stern and austere in her manner. She know far more than she is willing to tell. Alisa releases information on a strictly need to know basis. Will she direct the characters to glory or their dooms? Played in the movie by Sean Young or Sharon Stone.
Randall Travelt A retired US Ranger and Aegis operative mistakenly executed by Beaumont for betraying the organization and leading a cell to their deaths in a Black Book ambush. Malachi suspects that a cell started by Travelt has gone rogue. See Mistaken Identity.