This is a brief list of the areas the team has explored.

Angles, Quebec, Canada The home of a cult which delves in to the race memory of its adherents but does not fully understand the origins and meanings of the memories they uncover.
Hopkinsville, Virginia A Seepage pool where the locals see goblins which look suspiciously like Greys. The goblins apparently followed the founding family, the Kellys, from Ireland in the eighteenth century. Are they are race memory or does the belief of the townsfolk make them real? It is also the site of a crashed Grey flying disk which was destroyed before it could be dug up on international television.
Mt Ranier, Oregon The location of a secret Black Book psychic research centre headed by Emma Coloris. This is also where Kenneth Arnold on 24 June 1947 saw nine UFOs skipping like "saucers on a pond". This happened a mere two weeks before the Roswell Incident and is the origin of the term "flying saucer".
Nakatomi Towers, Washington, DC The main Aegis operations centre and the site of the main Hermes system. It was destroyed by two cruise missiles launched by the Black Book which the Washington cell failed to stop. The nerve centre of Aegis is dead and each cell around the country and around the world is out of contact and without the detailed intelligence Hermes provided. How will Aegis survive?
New York, New York The main base of operations for the Aegis cell AEG-NY-058A. Also, the scene of an arson where Lowenstein attempted to kill one of his cloned creations, George Roxio
Old Forge, New York "The Eagles" estate outside this upstate tourist village is where the Black Book ran their cloning project MKOMEGA. The team watched a Black Book clean up crew assault the place and destroy everything living within it.
Paul Robeson State Nature Reserve, Maryland The scene of a Grey flying disk crash whose recovery by Aegis was interrupted by the Black Book. Here, the team gained some insight into the psychic power of the Greys and got shot up.
Salem, South Carolina Nearby is a Black Book base similar to the one at Vickersburg. Here, the team learned how the Grey's flying disks are powered -- psychic energy. Does this give any clues about the purpose and functioning of the small disks engraved with the seven-star symbol?
Still Grove, Washinton, D.C. A Seepage pool where the locals see the apparition of the Indian. Also, it was the home of Joseph Amatore, a retired Aegis paranormal researcher, and a curse which may have been laid by the team's actions.
Vickersburg Naval Aviation Way Station, Maryland A secret Black Book underground complex where abductees in the tri-state area are taken to be experimented on by the Greys. The team called in two platoons of special forces to crack this nut and successfully recovered secret documents relating to the Black Book's operations in the area and across the national. They also recovered some alien artefacts which were whisked away by high-level Aegis representatives.
Washington, D.C. The main base of operations for the Aegis cell AEG-DC-207C. Here, they failed to stop the murder of a geneticist by Black Book agents and a deal which sees huge amounts of Black Book cash funneled into Creation Science advertising. However, they have executed a traitor to Aegis and spooked a Black Book psychic.