Aegis Cells

This page is a brief overview of the organization of the team's cells.

The New York, New York, Cell

The cell reports to NPC and has a Hermes terminal installed in the ITEM. The cell's Aegis designation is AEG-NY-058A.

Funeral Home

The "Eternal Rest" funeral home went out of business nearly nine years ago. How it came into Maria's possession is one of those small mysteries of life, although smart money says she won it at cards. Charles equipped it to the level of a field hospital and had the biohazard lab and isolation tank installed. The only other person who knows of what really goes on here is the monitor Isaiah uses for remote viewing. If the Greys launch any form of chemical or biological warfare, these guys are ready to deal with it.


The old Morton Estate in Peekskill up state New York was gifted to Decklan after a successful rescue of a security principle. He has installed at it a helipad and a killing house, where the team can practice live-fire, close combat scenarios. The question is, however, was it Decklan or a previous owner who set up the closed-circuit video monitoring system in the guest bedrooms and bathroom?


The team maintains three vehicles for use in Aegis missions:

Security Sedan
Decklan is overly attached to this armored vehicle, though it was Isaiah who appropriated it from somewhere. It comes equipped with radio, scrambler, fax, radar detector and can be over-pressured to protect against gas attacks
Biohazard Ambulance
An unmarked ambulance snaffled by Charles containing a radio and medic kits, just like a normal ambulance. However, it also has biohazard suits, tasers, specimen sampling gear, industrial strength disinfectant and a bubble-like isolation stretcher. Oh, yes. It also has a flamethrower for disinfecting highly resistant bacteria.
Lab RV
An extensive mobile laboratory equipped to handle biological, medical and chemical research projects in the field. It is equipped with biohazard suits, quarantine tents, radiation suits, Geiger counters, a dart rifle and tranquilizer darts, and basic surveillance gear. How Charles requisitioned this, no one is quite sure.
Lara's baby. If you cannot find Lara elsewhere, it's a fair bet she's under the hood of this machine tinkering. It has four-wheel drive and goes everywhere.

The Washington, DC, Cell

The cell reports to Alisa St. James and has a Hermes terminal installed in the Office. The cell's Aegis designation is AEG-DC-207C. The cell came to grief when they failed to stop a Black Book attack on the Hermes system which resulted in its destruction.

The Office

This is the main front and base of operations for the team. Ostensibly a family medical practice, Davenport and Malachi maintain a well stocked scientific and occult library and a computer research lab on the second floor. Angela has an electronics workshop on the third floor.

The team also retains the services of a retired FBI physician and an ex-Army nurse to patch them up.

Where did Malachi get an office building? Osbourne suspects a criminal connection lurking in the background. Does this compromise cell security?

The House

Osbourne snaggled this ex-FBI safe house for the team's use. Occasionally they stay there and Flex is now living there permanently. She has a gym set up in the living room.

The idea is that the place is both safe and clean -- meaning no weapons or other illegal items are kept on the premise and no illegal actions are performed there. The interior walls, however, show extensive patching of old bullet holes. What happened here? There's nothing on the FBI database.

The Bunker

A reconditioned civil defense shelter from the Cold War. The team have stocked this with food for several weeks should they need it. The bunker is their refuge of last resort and where they keep the majority of their weapon stockpile and explosives.


The team maintains three vehicles for use in Aegis missions:

A motorcycle
The fast pursuit vehicle usually driven by Malachi, when he manages to stay on it.
This machine is the team's off-road transport. It is decked out with a regular and infra-red spotlights for night operations.
The Magic Van
An ex-NSA surveillance van and Angela's pride and joy. This machine holds more electronic eavesdropping equipment than most small countries. The van is plain white and the team are developing a series of stick-on labels for its sides so that the van can, in an instant, become in Interflora or pizza delivery mobile.