Here, each player has described the character he or she plays in the game. But what secrets lie buried beneath these (sometimes) conventional exteriors?

The New York, New York, Cell

Maria Almirez

With graceful movements and the bonus of looking like everyone else, Maria moves silently through the crowd, she slips into the national gallery and as quick as she is in, she is out, with a couple priceless piece of art, all before the alarm is raised.

Although Maria has no apparent "job" she is never without money, clothes or new furnishings for the house and office. She usually spends the day reading up on art and antiques, following the latest socialite pages or catching up on her extensive range of colleges. At night she can often be found in a bar hustling players at snooker or perhaps at the high rollers table at a casino, no matter where Maria appears she is always dressed appropriately and seems to blend into any situation.

Agency: Bureau of Prisons

Age: 25

Who'd play her in the movie: Salma Hayak

Isaiah Daniels

Isaiah Daniels is a psychic, and it does not appear to be a gift that has come to him easily. With a gaunt face and deep-set, ringed eyes, Isaiah is not the picture of a healthy man. Dressed in the worst that Walmart (or K-Mart, or Target...) had to offer last sale, Daniels looks decidedly out of place in the cloak-and-dagger world of Aegis' machinations. He does not fidget. He has no hobbies, save for his dedication to the principles of samurai philosophy.

His face rarely shows emotion, his eyes betraying little of his thoughts. It is his voice alone that betrays the strength of will that the man can bring to bear. It is only when he speaks with fire and iron in his words that the darker rumors regarding his past become conceivable. Daniels is an active member of Project Cygnet, a psychic organization known to do Aegis' "dirty work".

The Mundane Details: Isaiah is an African-American, who speaks with a deep Southern accent. While he is in his early thirties, his looks make him appear to be approaching his forties.

Agency: Project Cygnet

Age: 33

Who'd play him in the movie: a younger Ernie Hudson

Decklan O'Connor

Good looking, suave, and with the cash to match, Decklan brings a much needed element to the team -- style. As the most sought after Secret Service protection agent in New York, he has to prioritize carefully between his service, Ageis, and home time. His driving and piloting skills combined with his wide-ranging latent psychic abilities lend valuable steerage to the team. Decklan is often heard on missions saying things like: "Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of Armani?" and "You put a bullet hole in my suit. Now, I'm gonna put some holes in you."

Agency: US Secret Service

Age: 35

Who'd play him in the movie: Brad Pitt

Laura Taylor

The amused glint in her eye tells you Laura Taylor is someone who has a real passion for life. As an army ranger, this translates into hard drinking, hard playing and hard loving. But she'll be watching your back when it all goes down. And the team is always her first priority. Many have underestimated her based on her appearance. She has a slim, toned build which belies her great strength, agility and skill in combat. Although her long dark hair is often severely tied back from her face she is a very attractive woman. Laura presents as an enigma to almost every man she meets: Screaming Cougar or Pussycat? Who cares - she's too busy kicking ass.

Agency: US Army Rangers

Age: 29

Who'd play her in the movie: Angelina Jolie

Doctor Sir Charles ?




Who'd play him in the movie:

The Washington, DC, Cell

Elizabeth "Flex" Beaumont

At 4 foot 5 inches and 40kg Flex seems like your average teenager, but her un-emotional eyes and calloused hands are signs she is older than her size would suggest. Although she is small it is obvious Flex works out everyday as she is toned and muscled. Her hair is smoothed back in a ponytail, with stray hairs held back with bobby pins. She wears sports clothes and runners, always has a walkman and large gym bag containing energy food bars, bottled water and gym gear. Flex is not someone you would want to make angry as she can hold her own in any fight. But her true love is her rifle, and she can shoot the wings off a fly at 600 yards.

Agency: the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Age: 24

Who'd play her in the movie: Winona Ryder or Alyson Hannigan

Marcus Davenport

Dressed most often in sombre greys or blacks, Marcus is an unremarkable figure. Perhaps the oldest member of the group, he appears somewhere in his early fifties, but has aged well. His hair is thin and always neatly arranged, its color somewhere between silver and white. Marcus is a stout man, with a solid build and a sizable paunch. Perhaps because of his size, he moves slowly but with a certain sure grace. Marcus' eyes are sharp, and his gaze has a penetrating quality. In quieter moments, Marcus inevitably has a cup of coffee in hand, and is most comfortable either behind a lens, or poring over photographs, rather than interacting with his newfound associates. His tongue is as sharp as his gaze: while he prefers to watch and listen, he has shown that he is more than willing to remind others of their flaws and foibles should the opportunity present itself. When Marcus does speak (which has been often of late) it is with a soft British accent that belies some time spent in Mother England.

Agency: Project MoonDust, a part of Aegis

Age: mid-fifties

Who'd play him in the movie: Anthony Hopkins

Thomas Malachi

Malachi relocated to Washington, DC, from New York in recent months following the successful solving of the "City Slasher" case and recruitment into Aegis by Alisa St James. He is in his mid-thirties and 5 foot 10 inches tall with dark hair that is beginning to grey at the temples. Generally dressed in the typical FBI suit, Malachi manages to pull off the 'just got out of bed' look nine times out of ten. Whilst aware of FBI policy and the correct way to do things, Malachi recognizes the need for 'short-cuts' in order to get a successful outcome and is often guided by uncannily accurate hunches.

Agency: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Age: 34

Who'd play him in the movie: Gabriel Byrne

Martin Osbourne

Martin Osbourne is a man alone in the crowd, one man by himself. Hard work and the occasional educated guess has taken him to the top of his profession, one of the highest ranking FBI agents in Washington, DC. Few people truly know Osbourne but those who do know an efficient manager who doesn't believe in hunches, only facts. His years of work in the violent and disturbing world of crime and lawbreakers have deeply effected him. These years are plain to see in his face and posture. At 5 feet 10 inches tall and carrying the build of a man of advancing years only his scowl carries the menace that suspects feel at his presence. A man of the Bureau the world is simple, black and white, us and them. You donít want to be one of them.

Agency: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Age: early fifties

Who'd play him in the movie: an older Michael Douglas

Angela Sparkes

With long, lanky brown hair mostly obscuring her face, Angela looks like a nerdy student. Always dressed in sloppy-joes, pants, cardigans and sneakers, she is the epitome of slob. Too bad she doesn't take good care of herself because she would probably be pretty if she ever bothered to scrub up. In fact she doesn't seem to care about anything much except the piles of electrical and computer junk she carries about with her all the time. She loves taking things apart and putting them back together, often ignoring everything else except what she is working on at that time. It looks like she has a real talent for it, too. Maybe because she's spent all her time learning those skills rather than interacting with other human beings.

Agency: The National Security Administration (NSA)

Age: 28

Who'd play her in the movie: Sandra Bullock