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Merchant Captain Jellico Jones

UPP: 555A98 Merchant Age: 50 Terms: 8
Skills: Gun Cbt (Revolver)-2, Gun Cbt (Rifle)-1, Admin-3, Streetwise-2, Pilot-1, Navigation-1, Bribery-2, Gambling-2 Carousing-2, Vacc Suit-1
Other Stuff: Revolver, 60rds revolver ammunition, marked playing cards, blank copies of standard official forms

  • Used to work for Oberlindes Lines until he got board traveller the same routes jump after jump. He longed for the excitment of exploration.
  • Made contacts everywhere he could in the hope of finding adventure.
  • Hit by depression caused by the stress of running the free-trader business and hit the bottle hard.
  • Had his ship stolen underneath him by Marquis Chevalier and his bodyguard Brigid Svenson.

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Sir Edward Mosley

UPP: 8C5A7B Scout Age: 46 Terms: 7
Skills: Pilot-3, Jack-o-Trades-3, Vehicle (hovercraft)-2, Gun Cbt (Revolver)-2, Mechanical-2, Blade Cbt (Blade)-2, Gunnery-1, Electronic-1, Vacc Suit-1
Other Stuff: Vacc Suit (TL: A), Mechanical toolkit, Electronics toolkit, Cloth Armour, Long-range Comms, Cold weather clothing, Low-light goggles, 30rds revolver ammunition.
Knight's pension : Cr2000/year for services to the Imperium.

  • Ran away from responsibilities on the 'core worlds' to join IISS.
  • After initially bucking the responsibility they forced upon him, he came into his own and was decorated in the Honours List for 1103 and awarded a knighthood for services to the Imperium.
  • Injured early in his career in an encounter with pirates.

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Emilanna Chevorn

UPP: 686A78 Merchant Third Officer Age: 34 Terms: 4
Skills: Navigation-2, Gunnery-2, Medical-2, Electronics-2, Admin-1, Blade Cbt (xxx)-1, Vehicle (air-raft)-1, Steward-1, Streetwise-1
Other Stuff: Low Passage Ticket, Electric torch x2, Cloth armour, Long-range comms, Cold weather clothing, Wrist watch

  • Comes from a 'humble' family. Very bright but easily bored. An explorer- type personality.
  • Won a spot on the Merchant Guild Academy and was commissioned Fourth Officer on an Oberlindes Lines freighter.
  • Didn't win more promotions because she only did the barest minimum.

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Dominic Tan

UPP: 787625 Belter Age: 38 Terms: 5
Skills: Vehicle (ATV)-2, Blade Cbt (Cutlass)-2, Blade Cbt (Pike)-2, Mechanical-1, Vacc Suit -1, Vehicle (air-raft)-1
Other Stuff: Vacc Suit (TL: A), Wheeled ATV, Jack, TAS membership

  • Grew up in a drifter colony of an asteroid belts cleaning air-scrubbers to make ends meet.
  • As a miner, found an bunch of Ancients' artifacts which were sold for a princely sum to the University of Regina.
  • Mustered out with only basic literacy.

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Pandora Blackjack

UPP: 6A8C81 Pirate Leader Age: 42 Terms: 6
Skills: Brawling-2, Leader-2, Blade Cbt (Cutlass)-1, Tactics-1, Ship's Boat-1, Pilot-1, Gambling-1, Electronics-1, Engineering-1, Gunnery-1, Forgery-1, Bribery-1, Blade Cbt (Dagger)-1
Other Stuff: Mid Passage Ticket, Metal detector, Cutlass, Handcuffs, Binoculars, Disguise kit, Personal communicator, Calculator, Cloth armour, Dagger x4, Monkey

  • Ran away from the orphanage into space by stowing away on a pirate ship.
  • Bribed and bought her way up through the ranks to command her own crew.
  • Was 'asked' back for one final job -- a big one. Gained a whole bunch of notoriety for this.
  • She retired after a large score and gambled the money away.

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Serena "Hal" Hallahan

UPP: A77886 Merchant Age: 30 Terms: 3
Skills: Computer-2, Vacc Suit-1, Vehicles (Grav)-1, Gunnery-1, Navigation-1, Gun Cbt (Shotgun)-1, Pilot-1, Admin-1, Stweard-1
Other Stuff: Chainsaw, 1x Low Passage ticket, Magnetic compass, Infrared goggles, Wrist Watch, Long-range communicator, Leather body suit, Cloth jacket, Eyepatch

  • A mystery at the moment

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Benito Corleone

UPP: A529B5 Other Age: 34 Terms: 4
Skills: Brawling-2, Gun Cbt (?)-1, Vehicle (Submersible)-1, Forgery-1, Medical-1, Streetwise-1
Other Stuff: Medical kit, Sunglasses, ill-fitting suit, Respirator, Low-light goggles, Medium-range Communicator

  • Known in the 'right' circles as a goon/thug for hire.

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Marquis Lawrence Chavalier

UPP: 3658AD Noble Age: 34 Terms: 4
Skills: Computer-2, Engineering-1, Mechanical-1, Electronics-1, Vacc Suit-1
Other Stuff: Mechanical and electrical toolkits, Wrist watch (Cr1000), Hand computer, TAS membership
Marquis' privileges: Ancestral lands, Stock portfolio (Oberlindes Lines - 2D x Cr10,000/year), Stock portfolio (Jameson Factors - 1D x Cr1000)

  • Third son of Monty Chevalier. 'Asked' to leave by the family after being challenged to a duel by a jealous rival in love.
  • He left to avoid the duel and disgracing his family but was himself disgraced by this refusal to fight.

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Brigid Svenson

UPP: A98945 Marines Age: 29 Terms: 2.3
Skills: Brawling-1, Gun Cbt (SMG)-1, Blade Cbt (Cutlass)-1, Vacc Suit-1, Blade Cbt (Pike)-1, Vehicle (ATV)-1
Other Stuff: Low Passage Ticket, Binoculars, IR goggles, Low-light goggles, Cloth armour, Watch

  • Grew up on a backward agricultural world dreaming of the stars. Of course, she joined the Imperial Marine Corps.
  • Suffered hideous injuries in the line of duty (anti-pirate trade lane patrol?) and was honourably discharged on medical grounds

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