Background NotesInformation about the Traveller universe for campaign players and role-playing neophytes.
Personnel FilesDescriptions of the characters appearing in this role-playing campaign as crew of the Free Trader Caliban.
Ship's LogA journal and overview of events as they occur in the campaign. Check back here frequently to follow the crew's adventures.
AstrographyMaps, system and planetary data detailing the Spinward Main trade route of the Spinward Marches.
Library DataInformation on specific topics and subjects encountered such as planetary descriptions and essays on aspects of the Traveller role-playing game.
House RulesHow my Traveller universe breaks the rules and a summary of additional house rules found elsewhere.
Traveller LinksOther good classic Traveller role-playing game sites on the Internet.
RSS Updates Keep up-to-date with changes and additions.
While I don't expect to be paid for supporting my hobby, I'd like to think that if roleplayers find anything presented here useful they are generous enough to throw a buck in the tip jar.

Traveller Ring

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