Non-Player Characters

Dolores Clairbourne
The agency's secretary. A lovely mid-western girl trying to make in the big city. She is keen on celebrating people's birthdays and fresh flowers.
Edgar Mosley
An ex-navy man and fortune hunter who tried to double-cross but Vincenzo Giuliani and the agency. He was last seen by Jack Ryan at Union Station. See The Fishing Expedition.
Felix Dimetriades
A friend of Nate who survived with him the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. He still works in the US Navy Yards in Los Angeles. See The Fishing Expedition.
Georgina Delaware
Common law wife of Marlon Reeves. Busty, blonde and not terribly bright. She fled with him to Mexico rather than see him go the prison. See The Middle Man.
Jake Pulaski
Jack Ryan's old partner on the police force. He's still willing to do a few favours for Jack. See The Prodigal Daughter.
James Gray
Manager of The Blue Parrot nightclub and illegal casino, which is owned by the Giuliani Family. See The Prodigal Daughter.
A copy boy in the Los Angeles Examiner who does favours occasionally for Ms Rosini. See The Prodigal Daughter and Photographic Evidence.
Joan Sternwood
The cold-hearted, plain-looking daughter of Horace Sternwood. She is the brains in the sisterly duo of Joan and Vivian. She's engaged to DA John G Jones and is set to inherit the Sternwood fortune. See Photographic Evidence.
Johnny Rocco
A rival who Giuliani, using Jeff Galloway as muscle, forced to flee Los Angeles ten years ago. He's back and demanding vengeance. See Aztec Gold.
Jose Almodovar
A slick negotiator and member of the Mexican underworld currently helping Rocco re-establish himself in Los Angeles. See Aztec Gold.
Kurt Harris
A fortune hunter and patsy, shot by Edgar Mosley to assist in his escape from the agency. See The Fishing Expedition.
Marlon Reeves
One of Benny's compatriots in crime back in the old days. Part of the vote rigging scam that elected Mayor Anderson nine years ago and kept him in power ever since. See The Middle Man.
Maureen Coffey
Editor of the social pages of the Los Angeles Examiner. See The Prodigal Daughter and Photographic Evidence.
The Sternwood's nonsense butler whose main task in life seems to be deflecting attention from the Sternwood family. See The Prodigal Daughter .
Nick "The Claw" Hamer
An enforcer in the Giuliani Family and a friend of Galloway from the "old days". See The Prodigal Daughter.
Norma Desmond
A woman of the night with a heart of gold. She impersonated Joan Sternwood in order to effect Sternwood's rescue . See The Prodigal Daughter.
Ray Doyle
A cowardly weasel and an associate of Benny who can put his hands to most things for the right price. See The Fishing Expedition.
Ray Healey
A small time crook who is either brave enough or stupid enough to upset one of Giuliani's schemes. See The Prodigal Daughter.
Robert 'Violets' McGee
A homicide detective seconded to the DA's anti-corruption crusade. He's big and means and rarely takes no for an answer. See The Middle Man and Photographic Evidence.
Terry Fortman
A boat hand on the SS Lucky Lady, a gambling ship moored three miles off Santa Monica. See The Prodigal Daughter.
Vincenzo Giuliani
A well-manicured and very cultured gentleman who enjoys only the finest things in life and is willing to kill to ensure he gets them. He who runs Los Angeles underworld. See The Prodigal Daughter and Aztec Gold.
Vivian Sternwood
The very attractive (and very wild) daughter of one of the richest families in LA. See The Prodigal Daughter and Photographic Evidence.