Places of Note

Galloway, Ryan and Associates
The agency's office in downtown Los Angeles. Not a terribly swish affair but none too shabby either. There's enough room for two office desks in one room, a second office and a reception area.
The Blue Parrot Nightclub
A high class and expensive nightclub owned by the Giuliani Family and run by James Gray. There's dining, dancing, a regular big band, a bar and an illegal casino upstairs. Headline acts, such as Benny Goodman and the Andrews Sisters play here regularly.
Lot 2503 Passedena Highway
An abandoned filling station where the agency gave $50,000 of Giuliani's money to Johnny Rocco to finance Rocco's campaign of vengeance against him.
Shark Point
An outcrop of rock jutting into the Pacific Ocean which, from a certain angle, closely resembles a large, hungry shark.
SS Lucky Lady
A gambling ship moored three miles off the Santa Monica pier. It's a slice of luxury of a type that has not been seen since before the War. It boasts the best craps, blackjack, baccarat, bingo and roulette of anywhere north of the border.
The Sternwood Residence
A two-storey colonial style house set in parkland on Crestview Drive, Glendale. From the little that has been seen of it, the place is well appointed and very tastefully decorated. There is a garage around the side of the place and, apparently, very little security on the grounds.
The Sternwood Beach-house
A quiet little cottage on Malibu Drive which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Joan and Vivian Sternwood use it to hide 'guests' hat they don't want Papa (Horace) to find out about.
316 Franklin Boulevard, Westchester
The now abandoned home of Marlon Reeves and Georgina Delaware, who fled to Mexico before being fingered for vote rigging in the Mayor and District Attorney's anti-corruption crusade.
Union Station
The main entrance to Los Angeles from the rest of the country -- everyone travels by rail. So far, two of Giuliani's goons have been gunned down outside the station entrance and two fortune hunters seeking buried gold have arrived this way. There has also been at least one murder on the platform.