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The Prodigal Daughter (part 1)
The agency is hired by Joan Sternwood to find her missing sister, who set out two days ago with a pistol to cancel her debts to the mob. Joan Sternwood is an impostor but the mob debt appears real.
The Prodigal Daughter (part 2)
They track the false Joan Sternwood to her apartment and learn her real identity which leads then to Ray Healey, the man who spotted Vivian Sternwood the cash to repay her debts to Giuliani.
The Prodigal Daughter (part 3)
After learning that Vivian Sternwood is being held at the Hotel Miramar, they break in to rescue her only to find that she is paying back her debt to Healey by making porn films.
Aztec Gold (part 1)
The agency is 'hired' by Giuliani to recover an Aztec artefact, one of three thought lost forever, which has turned up for sale in Los Angeles. To fail will land them in the mob boss' bad books.
Aztec Gold (part 2)
The agency deals with the mysterious buyer who turns out to be Johnny Rocco, the rival Giuliani forced to flee LA ten years ago. While they satisfy Giuliani's desires for the missing idols, the money paid will certainly fund Rocco's campaign against Giuliani.
The Middle Man
Benny's past comes back to haunt him in the form of a comrade-in-crime who needs to eliminate all evidence of his past misdeeds, including Benny.
The Fishing Expedition
Nate is hired by a pair of fortune hunters to find a treasure buried somewhere off the coast of Los Angeles. Benny and Jack become involved as well when one of Benny's associates steals documents from the fortune hunters.
Photographic Evidence
Everyone is after a set of photographs and the man who took the pictures. Strangely enough, they all believe that the agency is hiding both.
I, The Jury
Johnny Rocco strikes back with a-vengeance! Gang war explodes on a pleasant spring evening in LA and the agency is caught in the cross-fire.
Ten Years Later
How does their involvement in the gang war and Los Angeles underworld affect the agency? What happens to them?