Dramatis Personae

But he was unmoved, and cried: "If I am mad, it is mercy! May the gods pity the man who in his callousness can remain sane to the hideous end!" H.P. Lovecraft, "The Temple"

Mr Samuel Tyler, Mr William Thatcher and Dr Imogen Wentworth have been asked to take an extended vacation by the owner of the Poorhouse they work for in York. An investigation into abuses and body snatching is underway and all three are implicated. The offer of research work provides them the means of survival until the investigation blows over.

Dr Elizabeth Plummer knows Dr Wentworth from medical school in London as they were the only women in a class of 50 or so young men. Being a woman, she has few patients and even fewer that can pay. She's taken up Paley's offer of research work in order to simply keep body and soul together. They are also both unmarried at a late age. What is wrong with them?

Dr Elizabeth Plummer (Miss)

STR-15 DEX-13 INT-18 Idea-90 Photo of Dr Elizabeth Plummer (Miss)
CON-13 APP-14 POW-9 Luck-45
SIZ-9 SAN-45 EDU-17 Know-85
HP-11 MP-9 DB-Nil
An almost pathological fear of poverty
Biology-50, Credit Rating-40, Drive Carriage-50, First Aid-60, Listen-50, Medicine-65, Natural History-40, Other Language: Latin-50, Persuade-35, Pharmacy-45, Photography-40, Psychology-45, Spot Hidden-50, Track-30, Psychoanalysis-40
Punch-50 (1d3+DB), Head Butt-10 (1d4+DB), Kick-25 (1d6+DB), Grapple-25 (special)

Mr Samuel Tyler

STR-11 DEX-11 INT-8 Idea-40 Photo of Mr Samuel Tyler
CON-15 APP-8 POW-14 Luck-70
SIZ-13 SAN-70 EDU-12 Know-60
HP-14 MP-14 DB-Nil
Achieves his end more often by installing fear in those who oppose him
Astronomy-30, Drive Carriage-60, Listen-60, Mechanical Repair-50, Natural History-20, Navigate-50, Ride-50, Sneak-60, Intimidate-65
Punch-50 (1d3+DB), Head Butt-10 (1d4+DB), Kick-25 (1d6+DB), Grapple-25 (special), Knife-60 (1d6+DB)

Dr Imogen Wentworth (Miss)

STR-13 DEX-9 INT-16 Idea-80 Photo of Dr Imogen Wentworth (Miss)
CON-16 APP-8 POW-12 Luck-60
SIZ-12 SAN-60 EDU-18 Know-90
HP-14 MP-12 DB +1d4
Split personality: two distinct presenting aspects
Anthropology-50, Archaeology-20, Biology-20, Credit Rating-65, History-40, Library Use-75, Listen-55, Occult-85, Other Language: Latin-20, Persuade-45, Pharmacy-20, Photography-40, Psychology-85, Spot Hidden-45
Punch-50 (1d3+DB), Head Butt-10 (1d4+DB), Kick-25 (1d6+DB), Grapple-25 (special)

Mr William Thatcher

STR-9 DEX-12 INT-12 Idea-60 Photo of Mr William Thatcher
CON-9 APP-13 POW-5 Luck-25
SIZ-14 SAN-25 EDU-9 Know-45
HP-12 MP-5 DB-Nil
Failure at Medical School has led to a life of opiate addiction
Bargain-40, Climb-65, Drive Carriage-40, Fast Talk-35, Jump-50, Locksmith-20, Occult-15, Sneak-35, Spot Hidden-50
Punch-70 (1d3+DB), Head Butt-10 (1d4+DB), Kick-25 (1d6+DB), Grapple-25 (special) Handgun-35 (1d8), Blackjack-60 (1d8+DB), Large Club-55 (1d8+DB)
Extra laudanum