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What's In, What's Out

This campaign based itself firmly in the following rulebook to the exclusion of all others:

  • Conspiracy X rulebook
  • The Aegis Handbook
  • Forsaken Rites
  • Shadows of the Mind

The story of the campaign is concerned only with Seepage, ritual magic and, for counter-point purposes only, psychic abilities.

There are no aliens.

Aegis and the Black Book take no part in this campaign. The story is not one of either working for or against the secret government. It is a straight paranormal investigation which runs afoul of various political sensibilities. As such I see no reason why either of these two organisations need bother themselves with it.

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Dice Rolling and Difficulty

I use a modified version of the Conspiracy X task resolution system. To determine the target number of a test, compare the value of the active trait (Act) to the difficulty of the task (Df) and assign target numbers as follows:

  • Act is three or greater less than Df: automatic failure.
  • Act is two less than Df: roll 1- on 2d6 to succeed.
  • Act is one less than Df: roll 4- on 2d6 to succeed.
  • Act equals Df: roll 7- on 2d6 to succeed.
  • Act is one more than Df: roll 10- on 2d6 to succeed.
  • Act is two more than Df: roll 13- on 2d6 to succeed.
  • Act is three or greater more than Df: automatic success.

The target number then may be modified as the game master thinks appropriate.

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