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Charles Lincoln

The Jersey Devil? Lets not jump to any conclusions here bud. There is a ton of evidence to sift through, a mountain of statements to read, more forensic evidence than we know what to do with, and about 500 hours worth of cross-referencing. I think we have to consider all the possibilities we can,don't get me wrong here, but I think that if we take a great leap of faith and blame it on ghosts and goblins, then we might as well leave the investigation to a bunch of Academy Rookies on their first day on the job.So what do I think about the so-called re-occurrence of the Devil. Ask me in six months

The people who have seen it have obviously seen something. What they saw though I am yet to workout. New York is a strange place. Pretty damn old too. Sure, we have our share of weird stuff out there, but we also have the real demons and devils - you know - the murderers, the rapists, the drive-by gang related shootings. So if they have seen something, I'm sure as hell I'm going to find out. Cause that's what I'm paid for.

The Archbishop probably picked me because I've cleared up a few of those odd cases where everyone else is stumped. Got a few medals to show for it to. Maybe that's got something to do with it. Unfortunately with the cold shoulders that I'm getting from the boys at the station - from Rookies all the way up to the top brass - I'm not sure I want to be here.

What do I think of the killings? Shit! What sort of a question is that? There are horrible beyond anything I've seen. Especially the one with the fella who'd been dragged around the apartment, then dismembered. To be honest, I don't know what to think. As for the fear side of things - we'll if I was a betting man, I'd suggest hat if its some wacko who thinks he's some kind of demon prince of never-never land or something, then I'd be suggesting that he believes that the fear he's creating is feeding him somehow. And that's a few million people's worth of fear. Lucky I'm not a betting man eh?

I think it's weird that the a Church is investigating something that is usually the privy of the PD. I means what's up with that? Its plain and simple homicide - not stealing from the donation box. Having said that, the church needs to make its parishioners feel safe, and that's what I'm here for. To put the "blue" perspective into the mix. As for what people think of what's goin' on - who knows. I'm not a big believer in thinking about what others have traipsing through their head. I've got enough of my own issues to deal with than to be worrin' about millions of others. Issues that I'm not getting paid to worry about anyway.

As for for the PD's reaction? How would you like it if some fella came into your apartment and started messin' with things? You wouldn't. Same thing here. The PD thought they had the case covered, even though they had come to about 50 dead ends. So to have the possibility of being shown up by a bunch of so-called amateurs in the investigation field - excluding myself of course - I'd be saying their noses were way out of joint. As for how they see the Archbishop - well in mixed company, I'd best not say.

I'd read stories of wack-jobs before, but this whole thing is taking the cake. I'm a bit worried about where this is all going. I'm not a real religious man at all, but if what Krista is saying is for real, then this who investigation might be way out of my league.

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Krista Tompkins

Obviously someone has evoked an energy that has been focused and formed by the mass hysteria and fear from the people into the form of the Jersey Devil. But why it has been re-awakened now? And why has it taken on a form that has no physic connection to this area of the city? The people who have seen it are obviously in tune with or open to the physic energies around us.

I am honored that the Archbishop has chosen me but a little surprised that he is willing to acknowledge my abilities to connect with those who have passed. It is good to see he is willing to step outside the shell of his religious beliefs as he doesn't have all the answers and I am able to 'see' a different side of the investigation.

The energy that has been evoked has a raw need to feed to keep its form. The killings are almost a means to an ends. I feel the ritual killings are to feed the evoking of the form and the savage attacks have been the unfocused energy that was evoked. One should not dabble in these arts without the ability to control it.

I am surprised that the Archbishop is acknowledging that there are things out there that cannot be explained. He is also adding to the power of the Jersey Devil as he is confirming the fears of the people. Does the emergence of a 'devil' have anything to do with the decline in numbers of those following the Christian faith?

The connection I made with one of the victims of the Jersey Devil was very strong, it is always easy to connect with someone who's passing was so emotional as a large physic pool of energy is left. I would have been helpful to 'visit' longer but I hadn't warned Charles as to what I am capable of.

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Nicholas Demenko

I hope that the Jersey Devil's appearance is legitimate, whatever it might be. If there is something behind the folklore (and there often is) then it's a chance at redemption.

Why did the Archbishop pick me? Well... mmm... it didn't come as much of a surprise.

The killings are both grotesque and fascinating. In a way, serial killers are the demigods of our time - most people couldn't tell you who Jimmy Carter is, but chances are, they recognise the name Ed Gein. Even now, most people recognise it - the electric sense that something bigger than themselves is happening around them.

Krista's trance was interesting. I'm naturally skeptical of iconic visions, as they're so easy to personally interpret, but everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. And it certainly showed Charles what he's in for.

Nicholas stubs out a cigarette in an ashtray resting haphazardly on a pile of old papers, including a utility bill for $666.67 spent on internal heating. The bill appears to be two or three years old, but typed on a mechanical typewriter. Almost imperceptibly, the 't' is slightly blurred, as if the cross-stroke was not true. Internal healing?

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Ann Charleston

I think the re-occurrence of the "Jersey Devil" is very interesting and deserves to be studied. Obviously the individual involved either feels some connection to the mythos surrounding the "Jersey Devil" or thinks this smokescreen will shroud his real purpose. The people who have seen the "Jersey Devil" clearly have minds more open to suggestion and I would like to study them in a controlled environment.

Archbishop Fergusson picked me for his investigative team because I can bring scientific credibility to this team as I am probably the only member who is willing to look at the evidence without pre-judgement. I have been involved in numerous debunkings of so-called psychics and have many objective techniques for analysing paranormal events.

It is interesting the way the media can manipulate those with weaker minds to believe almost anything. However, there is obviously a disturbed killer loose and people should be afraid.

I believe the Archbishop has his own agenda, but I am not the sort to encourage conspiracy theories. I think the police will give him and our team some leeway for now, as long as we don't embarrass them. Then again, they don't really have any leads so we probably will embarrass them anyway.

I have to rush back to the university for a small emergency in my laboratory. We have a surprise inspection by the university ethics board. Nothing to worry about, but it is always good if I am there when they talk to my subjects.

Katzenbach was obviously mentally disturbed, however there were no biological traces of madness at his autopsy. Why else would he dress up in the furs and antlers? He seemed to have a simple mind. I would like to believe he was manipulated somehow into his actions - maybe brainwashing? If only I could have questioned him in my lab...... At least there is one less psychopath on the streets now. But I don't know if it gets us any closer to solving this riddle.

It is interesting the effect fear can have on different people. The aggressive fight or timid flight response. With fear, we are all reacting to our most primitive urges. And it is when we are at our most base, that we can be easily manipulated.There are those who are charismatic and clever enough to use this to their advantage. And there are those who are genius enough to create the situation in the first place. Worse than fear, I believe a mass hysteria will soon grip this town unless we can remove the threat. How do we do this? The "Jersey Devil" must be exposed.

The story of Mary Magdalene is very interesting and there are so many different interpretations of this story that people can draw from it what they find important to them. Mary, the reformed sinner who was accepted and loved by Jesus; Mary, the only disciple who stayed at the tomb of Christ after his resurrection, persevering in seeking him and who found him first; Mary, the Sacred Feminine, chalice and mother of the royal line of God; Mary, apostle to the apostles, the only female apostle and poster-girl for modern-day feminism. She is probably one of the most intriguing, researched woman in the history of humanity. She is known as many things - Sinner, prostitute, apostle, lover, saint, even Miriam of Magdala. In 1969 the Roman Catholic Church officially admitted that Mary Magdalene was not the sinful prostitute (also known as Mary of Bethany) that she had been portrayed to be by Pope Gregory the Great in 591. This has allowed the positive aspects of Mary to finally be recognised, after centuries of chauvinist misdirection and dismissal by the male-dominated Catholic church. For if there was a woman who was seen to be at the right hand of Jesus, the apostle to his apostles, the woman who he loved above all others, possibly mother to his children and his successor, why are women still not allowed in the Church?

The Black Madonna in St Mary Magdalene's church interests me. My research shows that in Catholic countries, Black Madonnas are considered as miracle workers, and the possessors of hermetic knowledge and power. Based often on the Goddess Isis, she represents the power of the Dark Feminine and again is an inspirational figure to many modern-day women. On a historical note, it is reported that that sites where Black Madonnas lie are highly charged earth energy centres, enhanced by megalithic ley-lines and sacred architecture. There are also stories of the Madonna being placed nearby the well that lies at the bottom of each Cathedral. Apparently many great Gothic Cathedrals were built over the sacred wells and groves of the earlier Druids.

I'd certainly like to get inside that church again. I find churches to be remarkable, inspiring places. The belief created by the human mind can be very powerful - and an entire building created specifically to fuel this belief and faith would be a powerful place indeed. At least in the minds of the believers.

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