Episode Guide

Teaser Pilot: The Duel

Cast: Chuji, Ryouken, Renshi, Tienshen, Yukishen, Hinemuri (28-Aug-2005)

Renshi fights Shinobi and gets rapped on the shins by Chuji for allowing his emotions to get the better of him. Hirotada falls in love with the wrong girl. The 'shen' twins and Ryouken are given a mission. Hinemuri fails to control the twins and the new daimyo of Clan Tokugawa is announced.

EP01: Teahouse Treaty

Cast: Chuji, Ryouken, Renshi, Tienshen, Yukishen (13-Nov-2005)

The band, Chain-gang Symphony, finish their set at the Neon Dragon Nightclub. Tokugawa Hirotada is beset by the brothers of the girl he dumped for Nobunaga Hitomi. Clan Nobunaga's Master of Assassins joins the fray. A deal is made in a teahouse in the corporate district of Neo-Tokyo.

EP02: A Spy in the House of Love

Cast: Renshi, Yukishen, Hinemuri (11-Dec-2005)

Nobunaga Hitomi is the first guest of her clan allowed into the Tokugawa compound in fifty years. It is a great chance for Clan Tokugawa to prove that the time of fueding is past. But surely things cannot go so smoothly after so many years of violence.

EP03: Night Ride to Vengeance

Cast: Renshi, Yukishen, Hinemuri, Akodo Chuji, Ryouken (08-Jan-2006)

A gang of masked riders is hunting down and killing members of Clan Tokugawa. They were black leather and full samurai helmets complete with grotesque face masks. Renshi challenges them to a duel of motorbike riding skill. Can he win against them?

EP04: Expedition to the Wastelands

Cast: Renshi, Tienshen, Akodo Chuji (12-Mar-2006)

Sentenced to work for the common good collecting old technology in the Wastelands, Renshi, Tienshen (secretly replacing Yukishen on the trip) and Akodo Chuji find more than they bargained for. Attacks by radioactive mutants they can handle. Their discovery is much more terrifying.

EP05: Misadventured Piteous Overthrows

Cast: Renshi, Tienshen, Yukishen, Akodo Chuji, Hinemuri, Ryouken (09-Apr-2006)

The final, movie-length episode of the series in which Hirotada and Hitomi defy their fathers and deny their names and become united at last. Hinemuri finally protects his wild sisters from a threat and Chuji's young apprentices graduate from his care.

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