Shogun General Meiji

[Shoguns kamon] The military under Meiji is responsible for protecting Neo-Edo from attack and for proeventing rioting and disorder within the city. These duties extend from it's role during the war fifty years ago. They have continued to the present day for lack of a suitable alternative. In effect, this is the source of the return to samurai culture. Shogun General Meiji and appointed officers also act as the civil judiciary settling court cases and receiving petitions from the populace.

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Clan Tokugawa

[Tokugawa kamon] The Tokugawa zaibatsu is responsible for the research, development and production of higher technology devices such as consumer electronics, computers and factory automation as well as advanced projects such as experiments in fusion power. The clan deal closely with other zaibatsu to achieve these ends and has been praised by the Shogun for preventing Neo-Edo society from slipping back into the dark ages.

The Tokugawa clan is proud of its long pre-war tradition and always seeks to uphold the place it has earned for itself in Neo-Edo society. While it's fortunes may rise and fall depending on circumstance, no one can doubt that the Tokugawa family has always held and continues to hold the attention of those in positions of authority.

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Clan Nobunaga

[Nobunaga kamon] Clan Nobunaga handles the civic administration and bureaucracy necessary for the success of any complex human enterprise. It is this zaibatsu that makes Neo-Edo run as smoothly as it does and ensures that all the demands of the citizens are noted and supplies catalogued and delivered to meet those needs. As such, it is also responsible for the road network, the monorail ring system, and public services such as electricty and hot water supply, garbage and tax collection.

Like the Tokugawa zaibatsu, the Nobunaga Clan has for centuries take its place in the political world. In this, they are rivals. But whereas the Tokugawa always takes an active role in the politics of the day, the Nobunaga are content to sit in the background adn advice all factions, thereby better understanding where their own interests and the interests of society lie.

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Clan Ashikaga

[Ashikaga kamon] This clan is responsible for the production and distribution of food to the citizens of Neo-Edo as well as their medical care. The zaibatsu makes both fresh and pre-packaged foods available to all (and keep the street-side vending machines fully stocked). Master chefs and expert gardeners come from this zaibatsu and may be hired by anyone who can pay their exhorbitant fees. It is a mark of distinction for a household to include an Ashikaga chef or gardener among its staff.

The zaibatsu is also charged with responsibility for the medical well-being of the citizenry. They staff and run the hospital and the various medical clinics around the city.

Given the importance of this clan to the continued survival of Neo-Edo, the food production and distribution centres as well as the clinics and hospital are under the constant protection of the military to ensure that nothing can threaten the supply of food and medical aid to the community.

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Clan Toyotomi

[Toyotomi kamon] Very simply this zaibatsu handles everything from the construction and repair of living quarters to the repair and upkeep of the machinery used to create consumer goods. If it needs to be made or fixed, these guys do it.

The range of tasks this Clan is responsible for sees them half-naked pouring molten steel from huge vats into molds, being called out on rainy nights to fix your flat tyre, assuring you that they'll be there first thing in the morning to fix your TV but not turning up until after lunch. On the other hand, many of the finest craftsmen and artisans in Neo-Edo come from this clan.

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Clan Fujiwara

[Fujiwara kamon] Members of the Fujiwara Clan handle all the functions that we consider part of the news and entertainment media, schools and libraries. They also maintain public and community theatres and ceremonial venues. Part of this role includes searching the wastelands for books and video recordings to add to the archive to prevent the loss of human culture in the aftermath of this great man-made disaster.

Clan Fujiwara is responsible for all public sources of news and information in Neo-Edo. Other sources exist but these are not officially sanctions and are cracked down upon from time to time.

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Clan Momoyama

[Momoyama kamon] This clan is often looked down up or regarded with a certain amount of fear but its job is vital to the survival of the city. It is responsibly for the collection of raw material to be made into useful goods by Clan Toyotomi. As such, members of Clan Momoyama often make trips into the wastelands and beyond to find scrap metal and the more durable plastics for smelting, caches of civil defense goods, and - the most prestigious of all resources - wood.

Most of the stuff recovered by Clan Momoyama is traded directly with the other Clans who use it but sometimes, when they uncover a particularly rare piece, Clan Momoyama holds a general auction and sells to the highest bidder.

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