First Week Down – Damn

The first week of my four weeks off work is almost done. I’ve gotten all the chores out of the way and from here on in it’s all gravy. Here’s a list of the highlights:

Sunday: At training, I took part in the second in a series of lessons introducing Meyer‘s dussack fighting style. The wooden dussack was used both as a training weapon for single-handed fencing and as a cudgel carried by the town guard, particularly in eastern Europe. The style is very quick and reminds me a lot of sabre fencing.

Monday: Kathi and I were booked in for another frozen embyro transfer. Well, that is to say, she was booked in for the procedure and I just accompany her in order to look on dumbly and hold her hand. The embyro didn’t survive the thawing process so rather than let this opportunity go to waste, we asked for another to be defrosted. See below.

Tuesday: A bunch of mates came over for a couple of games of BloodBowl. Never in the history of Games Workshop has there been a 4-4 tied game. Yay. Also, I started a running program called Couch-To-5km in 8 Weeks in order to improve my stamina and maybe even lose some weight.

Wednesday: Kathi and I went back to the clinic for a frozen embyro trnasfer. This time all went well.That night at training, we had an introduction to medieval knife fighting as outlined in several historical treatises. This was tempered by one of the guy’s 20+ year long career in the military and his opinion as to which historical techniques work and which were merely advertising to fleece noble kids of their pocket money.

Thursday: I can’t actually remember Thursday at all. I’m sure I did stuff because I’ve put Hesiod’s Theogony on the finished reading pile and all the laundry is done. Also, I put in a second session of the Couch-To-5km program. (The next effort in this regard is due Saturday.)

Friday: Amongst other similarly joyful activities, I’ve scrubbed the mold off the patio roof with some disgustingly evil chemical goop. Now I hurt. A lot.

Anyway, that’s the must-dos out of the way and I can prepare myself for Charlotte’s and Marianne’s wold-have-been birthdays coming up on Monday. I’m taking Kathi out somewhere nice for lunch and we’re just spending the day together.

Right now, I need a coffee and I’m going to throw on the Sarah Connor Chronicles to see what they’re like.