So Much To Do!

Our HenryI’m back with a new look. Like it? Here’s my promise to you who read my ramblings.

  1. I’ll post every Friday at 10.00am AEST (that’s UTC+10:00 for you foreign types) without fail.
  2. I’ll try to keep some kind of balance between my various pre-occupations: historical fencing, languages, book and movie reviews and gaming.

This may prove a little tricky in practice as I tend to be fascinated by one bright shiny object at a time to the exclusion of all others.

Now, here is what has been occupying my time during the last few post-free weeks.

Henry was born earlier this year to much fanfare and celebration. He’s growing and developing day-by-day and I lose whole days just looking at him in my arms.

His twin big sisters, Charlotte and Marianne, were born in 2008 and lived only two weeks.