Fly Me To The Moon

We’re going on holiday at the end of March. We’ll be spending three days on Hong Kong and eight in Paris. Hong Kong will be a new experience for us but Paris will be like visiting an old friend. In fact, we plan on visiting a number of friends in northern France. The trip will also serve a way of putting a line under the birth and death of our bubs so that we can start again.

I’m really looking forward to the trip. I discovered last time, that I adore travelling. Kathi, however, was dragged around the world by her jet-setting parents when she was young and is largely over the whole experience. She’s looking forward to the shopping (of course) and seeing the Versailles Palace – a sight we missed last time around for reasons of timing. I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of people I chat with on facebook and instant messenger and hunting down more traces of the the Templars in Paris and the surrounding area. If I’m lucky, I may even get to make a quick jaunt to the see a bunch of sites made famous by the 1944 US Airborne landings such as Ste Mere Eglise, the causeway across the Merderet at La Fiere and to visit the Cherbourg D-Day Museum.

This time we’ll take an apartment in Paris rather than staying in hotels. The hassle of cooking for ourselves is more than offset by the fun of negotiating a French supermarket (they group products in different aisle to us, those crazy baguette bunnies) and is considerably less expensive.

Hong Kong is a new location for both of us and it’s a bit of an unknown. We know that we want to lose money haggling in the markets, climb Mount Victoria and visit the enormous Lin Po Buddhist temple on Lantau Island.

The planning has been an interesting journey for us, not least because we are still struggling with the giving ourselves permission to enjoy the holiday. The recent catastrophe makes it very difficult to feel happy about anything. Each small moment of pleasure still makes me feel like I’m betraying the memories of my dead girls and hurts me like a knife in the heart. Kathi seems to have come to terms with this better than me and she’s now fully switched into research and planning mode.