Blissful Reflections With A Warning

I’m sitting out the back of my house in the autumnal sun thinking about just how bloody good life is at the moment. The world is slowly but surely going all the hell but right now I don’t care. I’ve been playing with my one year old boy all morning and he’s just gone down for a nap.

We’ve got a new game. We start by playing hide-and-seek around one of the outdoor chairs with him behind it and me in front. We try to anticipate over which side of the chair – left, right, over or under – the other will pop out from and say “boo!” (or squeal – he’s not that vocal and sometimes when we’re playing neither am I).

I’m not sure what the trigger is but suddenly he makes a break for it and runs across the yard. Of course, I chase making roaring dragon noises. He breaks left and right in an effort to lose me. If I catch him before he makes it to the fence, I pick him and swing him round. He squeals and laughs and giggles as I carry him back to the patio. And we do it all again.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you’re like me, you need to be reminded to enjoy every moment you have.

Take time to pay attention to the little things: running about with your kids on the spiky newly mown grass, hearing them squeal with delight, the breeze which takes the edge off the sun’s heat, the tinkle of the wind chime hanging from the corner of the roof. These are one of a kind events. While there may be many similar occurrences, the ones you are experiencing now are individual and unique. Once they’ve happened, they disappear never to be seen again.

Now I think I need a nap, too, because this afternoon we’ll play with his spacemen … or his blocks … or read books … or dig in the sandpit … or ….