About Me

I was born in Newcastle, NSW, Australia and I’m surprised I survived the dangerous and quasi-legal activities I got up to as a kid. It’s blind luck that I made it past 20 years of age. I studied math, chemistry and physics at the most intensive levels that the school system could offer until the end of high school when I threw all of that away for the arts. At the end of high school, I made one of the handful of good decisions in my life and spent a year working at Young People’s Theatre, a local theatre company, before going to Macquarie University in Sydney. At uni, I studied english literature, journalism and magazine writing but concentrated on film and video production. Of course, that career never eventuated and I now work in information technology.

In my time I’ve done lots of stuff. Currently, I write bad fiction, play wargames with miniature figures, read and waste a lot of time on roleplaying games. You can find information on my roleplaying and wargaming past-times elsewhere on this site. Likewise, you can find information on my interest in the French language and old-time radio on another page on this site. The bad fiction no one gets to see.

Kathi is the only constant in my life. She’s a strong, creative woman currently working with her own business making bondage gear for livestock and working as a theatrical costumier for various theatre groups around Brisbane. Of course, we met at a live-action roleplaying event where I held a knife to her throat for three hours. Our fates were sealed and our relationship beagn at the next event where I played a vampire and she a goth-wannabe-vampire. I bit her neck and she was mine. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Kathi and I are also the proud parents of two beautiful little girls. Charlotte Elizabeth and Marianne Patricia were born on 9 November 2008 premature at 24 weeks and two days. They died less than two weeks later, Charlotte on 20 November and Marianne on 21 November. Although we will forever grieve for them, we are overjoyed to have known our little angels and live in constant awe at the way they endured all that life threw at them during their brief lives with stoic acceptance and unending endurance.

Now I have my boy Henry. He’s as tall as kids a year or two older and as sharp as a tack. Luckily, he takes after his mother – helpful, friendly and personable.

We have three cats: A sleek grey cat named Mercury who demands attention and cuddles all the time; a huge, overly muscled orange tabby named Fearless, who doesn’t live up to his name; and a little white and stripey tabby named Gypsy who follows anyone and everyone around. These guys make sure that there’s always someone to come home to.