IKEA Sword Rack

I needed a new storage solution for my swords and IKEA provided. Here’s how I did it for $45 (AUD).

Qty Part Name Article Number
1 OBSERVATOR cross-brace 101.895.48
2 HEJNE Shelf 402.878.11
2 HEJNE Post 802.866.78


The build is the standard HEJNE shelf build except in two aspects.

The first is the placement of the shelves. You need to put the bottom shelf at the second from the bottom of the pre-drilled holes in the uprights. The middle shelf needs to be measured against your weapons to ensure that the shelf will carry the hilts and the tips of the swords will not hit the floor. Proper placement is vital. Take some time over this step.

The second is more complicated. I found I needed to take out the middle of the three planks in the sword-tip shelf and the sword hilt shelf in order for the blades to fit. However, this left a gap which, while fine for my wider quillioned rapiers, allowed my sabre to drop through owing to its more compact guard. To fix this, I simply ripped one of the discarded shelf planks in two along its length and nailed the half-plank back into the hilt shelf. Problem solved.

All in all, for two hours work and a plate of meatballs in the store cafeteria, I think I’ve achieved a serviceable end result. But, I think I need another one.

Here are some photos.

1. All the pieces and tools required. (Gloves and forearm guard optional.)

2. The middle plank removed from the tip shelf and the hilt shelf.

3. Measuring the shelf placement against the length of some swords.

4. Adding back the ripped half-plank to narrow the gap.

5. The finished product.