Puck Curtis will be at Swordplay 12

Scott McDonald, principal of the Australia College of Arms and convenor of Swordplay 12, dropped this on the Queensland Living History Federation‘s facebook page. I was planning on posting about this but he beat me to the punch.

Puck Curtis, one of the world’s most respected historic swordplay researchers, will as part of Swordplay’ 12 present for the first time in public never before seen in English instructions on Spanish Sword and Dagger combat. His formal workshop scheduled for Friday 7th September will cover this material over 6 hours.

Puck will be available on Saturday and Sunday to run impromptu workshops or else take part in friendly bouts. Puck will also run another Q&A Workshop programmed for the Sunday morning.

Any re-enactor who has an interest in Single Sword and/or Dagger combat is cordially invited to take advantage of this Puck’s instruction, whether on the formal Friday workshop or else take advantage of the social swordplay / impromptu workshops periods on the Saturday and Sundays.

More information on Swordplay 12 can be found here: http://college-of-arms.org.au/swordplay/swordplay-12-essential-info.html

Having experienced Puck Curtis both as a presenter and as a swordsman, I can vouch for his skills and knowledge. If your serious about historic swordplay during the renaissance and early modern period, do yourself a favour and take adavantage of Puck’s presence in Brisbane. He’s very good.

Note: No filming of Puck’s workshop will be allowed without his express permission.

Thank you,
Scott McDonald