My Historical Fencing Gear

Go to the website of any band and you’ll find a page which lists in gratuitous detail the guitars, amps, effects pedals, etc each band member uses. Although I haven’t been in bands for many, many years, I fence and reckon the sport has the same kind of equipment fetishism. Now you too can revel in the glory of my gear.

Period: Sword and Buckler

Swords and Large Buckler

These cover the period before about AD 1400.

Period: Longsword

Longsword and Federschwert

Ranging from about AD 1400 to 1600.

Period: Rapier

Rapier, Dagger and Small Buckler

Covering the period from about AD 1500 to about 1750.


Dussack and Rondel Dagger

Protective Gear

Fencing Protective Gear

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