Heritage Hall is the New ACA Venue

The Australian College of Arms, of which I am of course but a lowly member, has moved to Heritage Hall, Wooloowin, What a great venue! Nothing adds to the magic of learning the sixteenth century gentlemanly art of swordplay than a polished wooden floor and ornate overhead beams.

I really like the direct that the College is taking. In October, we’re concentrating on sword and buckler combat based on the works of the likes of diGrassi and Swetnam. Coming soon is an open night in which we will match up with any of the weapon systems we use: sword and buckler, sword and dagger, longsword, etc. Can’t wait for that one!

Here’s some photos of the Hall.

New Venue - Heritage Hall - 1/4

New Venue - Heritage Hall - 2/4

New Venue - Heritage Hall - 3/4

New Venue - Heritage Hall - 4/4