Ship's Log

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097-1105 - Regina/Regina (1910)
The characters meets and joins Merchant Captain Jellico Jones in a venture to gather information on an Imperial Navy Kinunir-class battle cruiser. Afterwards, they sign on as Jones' crew on his Type A Free Trader, the Caliban.
110-1105 - Jenghe/Regina (1810)
The crew is duped and their cargo stolen by someone posing as the rightful delivery agent. The outcome of the vote on Jenghe's First Mortgage depends on whether they can recover the cargo and restore it to its rightful owner.
119-1105 - Dinom/Lanth (1811)
While acting as bodyguards for a member of the board of directors, the crew gets caught up in a revolt of the miners against the corporation which runs the mining colony. Rich business opportunities depend on whether they can escape the mounting violence.
157-1105 - Dinomn/Lanth (1912)
Ed Mosley helps out an old IISS (scout service) buddy by providing a crew for a safari into the wilds of the planet. They explore ruins from before the general collapse of civilisation called The Long Night and deal with the large predators of the world.
183-1105 - Rech/Lanth (2112)
The Marquis Lawrence Chevalier and his henchmen Brigid Svenson take the Caliban from under Jellico's nose. His trust in them was obviously misplaced. Broke and with no chance of income, the crew makes their way back to Regina to start again.
004-1106 - Regina/Regina (1910)
Jellico introduces two new crew members and entangles everyone in trying to foil a blackmail plot against the leader of the Solomani Separatist Party on the capital fo the Marches, Regina. He hopes to get one of two ships, both real 'fixer-uppers,' out of the deal.
007-1106 - Regina/Regina (1910)
The crew break involve themselves in political intrigue and break into the villa of a local hoodlum to retrieve sensitive political documents. They get paid their two broken down and gutted ship hulls and slowly but surely build a working vessel barley capable for passing starship registration.
036-1106 - Regina/Regina (1910)
The crew take on a small job in an asteroid belt at the far edge of the system in order to finish fixing up their ship and get it ready for flight. The job entangles them in a dispute over mining claims between belters and ends with several explosions.