Jenghe/Regina (1810)

Jenghe is a large world located in a system with three gas giants. It is lucky that it has not suffered the same fate as the two asteroid belts and been torn apart in the competing gravities of the central star and the three gas giants. Jenghe's star is has the spectral class M, making it a dull red colour.

Jenghe was settled in 980s in the colonisation push following the Third Frontier War with the Zhodani. There are remains of an earlier human civilisation which, it is speculated, disappeared during the Long Night.

The world is still far from self-sufficient and is still governed under the auspices of the Colonial Authority on Regina. It holds a strategic position in the X-Boat network because of the gas giants which are a prime source of unrefined starship fuel.

The atmosphere is heavily polluted with sulphur compounds and particulate matter from frequent volcanic activity due to the gravitational forces affecting the planet. It is recommended that outdoor activities are only undertaken with appropriate filter-masks and eye protection.

The storm season produces severe electrical storms and massive tides.

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