Fallen Is Babylon

Introduction and Background

The background to Fallen Is Babylon explaining the world and showing how it differs from the standard game world of Conspiracy X. See also the House Rules page.

Character Notes

Each character is outlined here in terms of his or her past history, present situation, motivations and dreams for the future. Also, these pages present their developing understanding of the situation in which they find themselves.

Session Journal

The adventures and mysteries explored by the characters are detailed here. It serves as both a reminder for the players and a source of entertainment for those who enjoy reading about characters writhing in torment. The format is very simple and is not meant to be a complete record of events.

Random Notes

Here you will find an odd collection of facts, factoids and outright lies that may enhance your campaign or reading experience. These are the little snippets of trivia which may or may not become important.

House Rules

This page contains play aides and specific house rules. It also contains a list of standard Conspiracy X game world features which are not being used in this campaign.