This page contains the roleplaying game campaign notes and story hours for the games I’ve run as well as a bunch of house rules and such. There’s another page dedicated to my blog posts on the roleplaying games I participate in and other random rpg-related thoughts.

Campaign Logs and Story Hours

  • Madness on the MoorsCthulhu By Gaslight: A small campaign for Call of Cthulhu set on the Yorkshire Moors of 1884. It’s a gothic tale of isolation, mystery and antipathetic nature. The difference between this and other Call of Cthulhu roleplaying is that the characters are insane to begin with. More information as it’s played…. Abandonned
  • XanaduBRP/Elric!: Can a select group of Chinese and Mongol nobles overcome misfortune and supernatural obstacles to build the stately pleasure dome before the Great Kubla Khan visits at the start of summer? Finished Inconclusively
  • Across the Spinward MainTraveller: A group of citizens of Strephon’s Imperium deal with their mid-life crises by hiring on to a freighter which tramps from system to system making a profit where it can. On Hold
  • 9mm JulietFeng Shui: The world of Romeo+Juliet reinterpreted as Japanese manga. Follow the lives of a group of Clan Tokugawa teens as they struggle through issues of love, honour and duty – with plenty of fight scenes, of course! Finished
  • Fallen Is BabylonConspiracy X: A supernatural killer stalks the street of New York City and the police are powerless to stop the murders. The Archbishop says that it is the role of the church to hunt evil and assembles a team of his own to do the job. Finished
  • The Damned Don’t CryNoir RPG: A firm of private detectives and associates gets caught in the middle of a battle for control of the Los Angeles underworld. Which side do they choose? They must face the consequences of their action. Finished
  • Shadows of the PastConspiracy X: Two sides of the hidden government deep within the United States battle for control of the alien agenda and whether to conceal or reveal evidence that humanity was genetically engineered by the Greys. Finished

House Rules

I’ve been roleplaying since 1981 and involved in the convention circuit in Australia since 1988. This is given me some experience that I can pass on to the next generation. When I find that something in a roleplaying game system doesn’t work (or just doesn’t work for me), I change it. Before the email start pouring in, I want to say that I don’t treat any of this as gospel. The rules as published are fine. The changes I’ve made are primarily to better suit the style of roleplaying games I run. Your mileage may vary. They can also be downloaded as PDFs for your own use.

  • While Call of Cthulhu is great for convention and one-off adventuring, it simply doesn’t work for campaign play. I’ve made some modifications (PDF) to enhance campaign play. It feels like sacrilige even to suggest any changes are required in this most sacred of roleplaying game systems.
  • A huge round of applause to Archon Gaming for developing the Noir RPG. It is simply the best treatment of the genre I’ve ever seen. Too bad they’ve gone out of business. As close to perfection as this game system is, a few improvements (PDF) are needed to take it that final step.