TV and Movie Roundup

I’ve been watching. And with watching come thinking. Which leads inexorably to blogging.

Paranormal Activity: This is a standout. Shot for US$15,000 and somehow managing to get a cinema release, this film is scary as hell, despite suffering from too much Blair Witch handycam camera work, precisely because of the low budget. Apparently, the filmmakers decided that because they had such a small budget they had to suggest the horror rather than spend their cash on special effects and such to show the horror. The film has nothing new to say but it is very, very creepy. I expect big things from these people in the future.

Legend of the Seeker: A thoroughly conventional and still enjoyable made for television fantasy based on the books of Terry Goodkind. Apart from the notable exception of Bruce Spence, you can tell all major characters in all episodes because they’re the ones without New Zealand or Australian accents. Inoffensive and largely unoriginal but it has lots oof pretty cool ideas which will work well in a roleplaying campaign. Is Goodkind a gamer? Don’t know but I reckon the answer must be yes from what I’ve seen so far.

Babylon AD: I caught this movie on Foxtel and it could have been good. Set in a kind of  Bladerunner eastern europe (without the style), Vin Diesel prances about murdering everyone in sight to protect the innocent girl from the horrors of the world. There are so many things about the film which track really well and are dead interesting until they reach the 80% complete mark. At that point, each and every one of them nose-dives into the toilet. I can’t even remember what the premise or plot of the movie might have been. About the only saving grace this film has is that Vin has a tatto of an Elder Sign from the Necronomicon (I always thought that this versions was actually written by Lin Cater. Apparently, I’m wrong.) )on his neck.

These are the highlights of my watching. The rest has been trash.

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