Fencing through the Ages: Where do I buy it?

Cover: Fencing through the Ages - Adolphe Corthey - Chris SleeTitle: Fencing through the Ages
Author: Adolphe Corthey
Translator: Chris Slee
Publisher: LongEdge Press
Pub. Date: 2015
Language: English (original in French)
Pages: 76
Format(s): US Digest, EPUB, MOBI
ISBN: (Paperback) 9780994359001, (eBook) 9780994359018

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The Back of the Book

Adolphe Corthey is the powerhouse behind the revival of interest in historical or period fencing in late nineteenth century France yet he remains largely unknown outside the French-speaking world.

This volume collects two of Corthey’s most influential works. In “Fencing through the Ages”, Corthey meticulously traces the history of swordsmanship from primitive times through a series of development to become the modern art. This history formed the basis of the popular displays which astonished audiences across Europe and which astonished audiences across Europe, to which Alfred Hutton was invited to participate to which Alfred Hutton was invited to participate. His “On the Subject of the Transformation of the Combat Sword” is an argument to alter the shape of the duelling sword in order to take advantage of previous hundred years of the development of fencing theory.

Included also are a number of items from the contemporary press reporting on these demonstration events and a brief biography of Corthey from a who’s who of the contemporary fencing world.