What's Cooking?

Me! Rather, that's the answer to “who's cooking?” As for the what …

After some time on Lite & Easy in a vain attempt to lose weight, I decided it was time to cook again. My first foray into the kitchen to use something other than the microwave was bound to be a disaster, I figured. Not the case.

I could decide between burning a cassoulet or boiling dry a bouillabaisse. In geographic terms, this puts the dish somewhere between Toulouse and Marseilles in southern France – my favourite area of the world outside this our great land of OZ.

Then the idea struck me – why not combine the two. Yay me! What I ended up with is either a bouillabaisse chockers full of white beans or a fish cassoulet. I can't decide which it is. Regardless, it tastes great. Even My Lovely – who hates fish – says it was good. And there was no recipe in sight during the whole procedure.

Follow the basics and you can't go wrong: onions, carrots and garlic as the traditional southern french flavour base followed by about 300g of white fish (Hoki?) 300g of cannellini beans, a tin of tomatoes, salt and spices to taste. Simmer for two hours and eat with big chucks of bread for dipping in it.

In hindsight, I could have made it better by adding either bacon (or lardon if we want to get technical) and/or a goodly amount of red wine. None the less, I'll be eating well until my next kitchen adventure.