The Blogging Year Ahead 2012

What’s in store for my little corner of the internet this year? I don’t want to say more of the same because I’m not sure that’s right. I don’t want to say there’ll be massive changes either because there won’t be. Let’s say there will be a gentle focusing in on a couple of topic which forever hold the interest of not just me but the faceless masses who read this blog.

Historical Fencing: This remains a point of focus as it’s such a dominant activity in my life. I’ll be concentrating on the cut-and-thrust single sword techniques in the transitionary period between true battlefield swordfighting and later Renaissance rapier fencing styles. There’s a bunch of fencing masters publishing texts five years either side of 1570 which interest me no end, including Joachim Meyer, Giovanni Dall’Agocchie, Henri de Sainct Didier and Jeronimo de Caranza.

Gaming: I’m an old, old gamer. I’m too old, in fact, to ever give it up. And last year, I discovered that many of you are interested in the roleplaying campaigns that I run. There’s more to come. I know I’ll be running a few short camapigns during the year, possibly even a return to running Call of Cthulhu or Traveller. There’ll be a bunch more photos of historical miniatures gaming as well.

Languages: I’ll be journalling my continuing efforts to retain (regain?) my French. This will take the form of reviews of websites with useful French content and other methods of becoming and staying current with the language, I’ll be concentrating on stuff which will help you prepare for the DELF B1 exam as achieving this credential seems to be the gateway signalling both a minimum level of competence and the key to further study. I intend (again) to start learning Italian but I’ve not yet signed up for any courses.

There will also be plenty of book reviews (mainly history texts, I imagine) and rants (on every topic under the sun without doubt).

On the technical side, I’ll keep posting only once a week but the day will change from 10:00am (AEST) Friday to the same hour on Monday. It’s just a little more convenient for me. Thus you can expect the first post under the new regime in three days time.

I don’t foresee any major change to the blog although there will be a number of useability tweaks occuring over the next few weeks.