Quick Update

Only got time for a quick update this week. The stress levels are currently through the roof but subsiding slowly. Here goes:

  • We’re going for another round of IVF. The last round produced our wonderful twin daughters, Charlotte and Marianne. We’re hoping that this round will also bring us another little miracle or two.
  • I’ve got a cold. Kathi’s got it too now. Until our IVF specialist reassured us otherwise on Wednesday, we feared that this would scupper six weeks of preparation for IVF.
  • I’ve got a new job. My contract at Rio Tinto is not up until mid next week so more on that once I’ve actually started. I’ve been at Rio for nearly three years – the longest I’ve stayed anywhere since I started contracting. Leaving is actually a little emotional.
  • I’ve passed the DELF B1 French language competency exam. Yay me!

Hopefully, life will resume some form of normalcy next week, just in time for Easter.