ohmagawd! ohmagawd! ohmagawd!

Her and I were having a spot of lunch in a local cafe when she gave me one of those 'fuck you' moments. You know the ones. Someone points out something about your attitude or personality that while you know at once that it's true you never want to thank them for? The only response you can manage is 'fuck you!'

Anyway, she gave me one of those moments. I was wondering aloud why I read web comics like Penny & Aggie, listen to girl bands such as The Spazzys and spend so much time hanging out at ICanHasCheezburger.

To Her, the obvious reason is that emotionally I'm a sixteen year old girl on the verge of finally (her word, srsly) developing some level of maturity.

WTF? 'Fuck you!'

Oh, hang on. She's probably got a point. It fits all the evidence. Since I couldn't find any evidence with which to refute her, I figured I may as well embrace Her observation.

Anyways, I'd better run. I'm late for cheerleader practice.