Nothing to Report, Sir!

A small update today. Nothing much to say really.

I started my next French class at Alliance Francaise. It’s an ‘advanced conversation workshop’ which basically means a small class (four of us plus a trainer) and we talk in French (with some correction) for two hours twice a week. It’s the closest thing I can find to an immersion/intensive in Brisbane. Yay me!

On the home front, Kathi and I have basically finished the renovations. There’s a bunch of tidying up and some trim yet to complete but it’s enough that we can say it’s done and start celebrating. It means, however, that with no big projects to complete we’re starting to spend more time thinking about and mourning the deaths of our baby girls.

We’re trying to decide whether to go to France or Canada/Quebec and the US later in the year. Kathi wants to buy out the quilting shops in New England. I want to spend my days speaking French. For me, whether I do it in Paris with the French friends I’ve made through facebook or whether I get the chance to wallow in Lovecraft Country makes it a tough call.

Also, I’m writing again. I’m taking another stab at it and it seems to be going well enough although I’m sure I’ll give it away in a few weeks as all too hard. (I have a habit of doing that.) I’ve finished a good first draft of a 30 minute sci-fi audio drama and I have an idea for the next one bubbling away in my brain. I’ll see if I can’t get some actor-friends to hold a reading of it. That’ll really tell how much work is required to make it shine.

Oh, and this: Top Ten Creepiest Old Ads.