Need Some Help, Please

I’m thinking of redesigning my web site. If you know me or follow any of the role playing campaigns I run, you’re probably familiar with it. There’s no real problem with it (except that I haven’t updated it in aaaaaages) but it’s dull, flat and doesn’t allow for user interaction. What I need is some opinions on this idea for improving the site

Since the web site is largely based around recording events in my role playing campaigns over time, this should be the core of the site. My idea is to do this as a blog which allows players and anyone else who reads the campaign to make comments, corrections, etc. Added on to this can be a personal blog (much like this) and a blog covering the various bits of war gaming I do. Of course, there’ll be plenty of photos of figures and stuff I do when I’m out and about town hacking people with swords and the like.

My problem is finding the best way to achieve this goal. Currently I’m looking at blogging software such as WordPress. While the core of it is bog standard blogging, I believe that it also allows me to customise the page for each category (each role playing campaign is a category, war gaming, etc) and add a bunch of static or normal (x)HTML pages for stuff that doesn’t change often such as campaign resources, an about me pages, etc.

Does sound like a reasonable idea? Is anyone likely to comment on campaign event postings? Is WordPress capable of what I believe it can do?