My Blog’s Year-in-Review

I figured that since we’re at the end of the year I’d better have a look at how this little blog has performed. None of the stats about which posts and pages were the most popular match what I expected so see. Hmmm….. Perhaps I should change what I’m doing here.

The first surprise is the number of people who read my blog. On average, there’s 730 page views here per month with a daily average rising steadily from 20 per day in January to 35 per day in November. I must be doing something right even though it appears that the average visitor only read the page they land on and then browses somewhere else. In order to work out how to keep visitors browsing around the site for longer, I’d better figure out what draws them here in the first place.

The most popular posts and pages are not to do with historical fencing. In fact, only one post makes it into the year’s top five most popular posts/pages list – and that’s a post on Camillo Agrippa from February 2010. Unsurprisingly, the top five posts/pages are reflected in the top search keywords which direct people here.

Top Five Most Popular Posts/Pages

  1. Across the Spinward Main – Traveller RPG Campaign Story Hour
  2. My DELF B1 Exam Experience
  3. Fallen is Babylon – Conspiracy X/UniSystem RPG Campaign Story Hour
  4. 9mm Juliet – Feng Shui RPG Shakespearean Manga Campaign Story Hour
  5. Camillo Agrippa – Renaissance fencing master

Three of the top five are roleplaying campaign notes. WTF? Some of these pages haven’t been touched since 2005. In fact, the Traveller story hour gets close to the same amount of traffic as the rest of the top five combined. Wow! I thought I was the only person in the universe still harbouring a secret wish of being de-mobbed from the IISS and backpacking from system to system. Obviously not.

That the DELF B1 exam post is in the list shouldn’t surprise me as much as it did given the amount of searching I did before taking it to find out how tough it was going to be. I expected more fencing posts and pages to make the list and I definitely expected the posts about trying to decode Joachim Meyer’s rapier technique rather than Camillo Agrippa to feature.

(At sixth most popular and just missing out on making the top five list is my experiences making my own Dusacks back when I studdies this weapon.)

Visitors to the site are likely to be either from Australia (which is kind of natural since that’s where I live) or from the US. My American visitors tend to be interested in historical fencing or Traveller. My Aussie visitors are all over the shop. These two locations make up around two-thirds of all visitors.

Most visitors are fairly technicalogically savvy using the latest browsers and operating systems and large screen resolutions to view the site. More than five percent of visitors read these pages using a mobile device. I wonder how this percentage will change in the coming year. What does puzzle me, though, is the 10% of visitors using Windows Vista and the 2.4% of visitors using the Opera browser. Seriously?

What does this mean for next year? I’m not sure. The question boils down to who am I writing this blog for: me or the wider world? If I’m writing solely for me, nothing changes and you can choose to come along for the ride or not as you see fit. If I’m writing it for the wider world, I need to concentrate more on what brings people here (roleplaying and learning french) and find ways to keeping you here once you arrive. Regardless, I’ve found my weighty matter to ponder over the holiday period. I’ll let you know what I come up with.