It’s Official and So Am I

I knew that one day I’d be so well-known and respected that my very name would become common parlance. Here’s today’s random entry from Urban Dictionary:

1. Sleech
Undefined word derived from the song Peaches by the Stranglerswalking on the beaches sniffing all the sleeches“. May be a verb, noun, adjective or adverb.

Also used as a description of the upstairs people. “You big Sleech. Go and sleech off.”

2. Sleech

Can not really be deffined….like smurf for smurfs. Used as slang for the upstairs people.
Are you going out to sleech tonight? You big sleech, you live upstairs.”

3. Sleech

a vulnerable girl that tends to fall easily for guys actions and words and becomes attached and can also be permiscuous

I am ready for sniffing any time. I’ll expect your call.