Getting Back On Track … Slowly

I think my life is beginning to normalise. I’m slowly getting back into wargaming again, the roleplaying continues but as a player rather than a gamemaster, the historical sword play continues amid the bruises, I’m catching up with old friends again and making new friends all over the world thanks to the miracles of communication technology. Lastly, Kathi and I are getting excited about our up-coming overseas trip to Hong Kong and France.

This coming Friday I’ll be playing Flames of War with a bunch of guys. The scenario is going to be set in mid-war Sicily rather than our usual setting of late-war Northern France. There’s at least half an idea of turning this into a regular campaign-like gaming event in which we decided after each battle the parameters of the next battle. For example, if the battle (this Friday) representing the Allied invasion at Gela overruns the Italian defenses, the next battle may be the fighting withdrawal scenario to see how much of their pride the Italians can save or it may be a scenario representing a German counter attack.

Sunday evening is the weekly Call of Cthulhu roleplaying session which currently is being managed by Peter M Ball. He’s set up his campaign as a very nice police procedural which we refer to as CSI: Arkham. I’ve got a whole bunch of session notes which I intend to post here now that I seem to be developing some free time.

The historical swordplay remains my only source of fitness producing activity – at least that’s what I tell myself. Last Thursday was a trial of a new idea, a monthly open night, where we invite members of other swordplay schools in the region to visit us, see what we do, chat, have a hit and then go out for coffee. It seemed to go really well. At the end of the month, I’m attending my first historical swordplay conference in which an expert on Fiore Dei Liberi’s Flos Duellatorum, a fifteenth century Italian master of the longsword, is going to teach the basics to a group of interested hackers.

That’s the main points. Other than these, Kathi and I are starting to catch up with friends for dinner, movies and other social-type events. I’m also extending myself more than normal to find people overseas who I can chat with or exchange emails in order to improve my French.