Funding My Midlife Crisis

Finally after a year of impending doom, my midlife crisis has finally take shape and taken root. Rather than trade the wife in for a newer model and a red sports car, mine takes a more academic form – much more in keeping with my self-image as a cloistered Dark Ages monk and natural historian/philospher. I want to spend my life from this moment onwards solely:

  • Reading history
  • Studying languages (French in particular)
  • Travelling to the countries whose histories I read and languages I study

(There may be a bit of fiction writing going on as well but, since it hasn't so far, I can't imagine it starting now.)

The problem is how do I fund this? Working gives me cash with which I can fulfill my dreams. It also gets into the way and prevents me devoting sufficient time to them. I think I deserve to be independantly wealthy.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can achieve this in, say, the next 15 minutes?