Four Weeks Holiday

I’m still in the middle of contract disputes but both my contracting aganecy and the multinational I work at are looking after me. It’s rare to find the opportunity to say “Yay, big business!” but that’s what I’ve been doing this week.

I have four weeks off work starting at the end of today and, yes, it was planned. Now I’m starting to think of what to do during this vast amount of time to myself. There will be, of course, celebrations of Charlotte’s and Marianne’s birthday and a memorial something to remember their deaths. I’m coming to terms with this part of my life and I need to think of other activities I can take this opportunity to do.

My plans at the moment include:

  • Studying for an exam which counts as certification by the French government that I don’t mangle the language too badly;
  • A little technical training to fill in some gaps;
  • Reading a whole pile of books which I’ve not had the time to even look at;
  • Fencing practice;
  • Finishing some of the renovations Kathi and I started two years ago;
  • Getting stuck into the yard and garden to sort that out once and for all;
  • Doing a bunch of stuff to improve my fitness;
  • A whole lot of miniatures wargaming with friends who work decidedly odd hours.

Kathi is working for most of the time I have off and I’m looking forward to kicking her out of bed in the morning for a change. I’m going to enjoy that a lot.

We’ve been thinking as well of getting away somewhere for a few days but the financial implications of the current contract dispute may purt paid to that idea.

Give me some more ideas. Four weeks is a huge amount of time and now that I don’t believe I’ll be a gibbering mess all during all of it, I want to use it productively. What else can I do?