Comments and OpenID

I think I’ve now got this comments things working the way I want. I’ve added OpenID, an open-source authentication method used world-wide, to allow reader to comment on posts here without the need to register or fill in a form with a whole bunch of details. It seems to work. Test it and let me know for sure.

You may be wondering why I’ve swapped the bucket-o-details form for another registration or authentication method. The answer is that you’ve probably got an OpenID-style account already and don’t know it. If you a an account on any of these web sites, you have an OpenID.

There are others but as you can see from this list, most of the social web is covered.

In any OpenID enabled field on this site, you will see the OpenID logo and a drop-down button. The easiest way to enter your OpenID is to select your OpenID provider from the drop-down and enter your username on that service.

I’ve gotta say that high speed interenet has allowed such a growth of brilliant ideas that simply would not have been possible even five years ago. Open-source has shows it’s worth time and time again both by sponsoring the development and implementation of open standard such as OpenID. While there’s always a place for the corporate comfort and security of proprietary methods and practices, open source gets my vote every time.