Choices! Choices!

Kathi and I are looking to go overseas again but we can’t quite manage to decide on where we’ll go. The trip will be a short one and involve a little more than a week in one main location and a couple of days in a stop-over location on the way there. The current options are:

1. Paris with a stop-over in Hong Kong

France is going to be the default choice for me for the foreseeable future since I know the language and have so few opportunities to use it in this wide brown land land of ours. Since the last time we went (September 2005), I’ve developed a number of friends over there via instant messaging and other means. Hanging out with them and speaking French while Kathi goes shopping sounds like great idea.

The long stop-over in Hong Kong allows me to go crazy all over the locations of the many actions movies I love made in that city. Also, the noodles. That’s right. Egg noodles are enough to make we want to go to Hong Kong. In fact, I’m getting hungry just writing about them.

2. Quebec with a stop over somewhere, maybe Hong Kong

The reasons for choosing to go to Quebec are pretty much the same as for going to France. The only real difference is the funny Quebecois accent. Although, apparently April (when we’re thinking of going) is the month of dirty melting snow which makes the outdoors grey and treacherous.

3. Lovecraft Country, USA, and a stop-over somewhere, maybe Japan or Hawaii

By this stage, I don’t think there’s anyone left in the world (except may forgotten tribes deep in the jungles of the Amazon) who don’t know of my love of H. P. Lovecraft. A chance to wander about the various locations significant to his life and the place he fictionalised in his stories is for me a chance to bow down and worship at the feet of my god.

As for the stop-over on this trip, Kathi can choose wherever she wants to go. It will be the reward for putting up with me geeking all over New England. Of course, being in New England means that Kathi has a chance to buy out every quilt shop in the land.

So —

Any hints, clues or suggestions we should know? Which of these options would you choose?