Back to the Grindstone

The funny thing about having time off work is that I completely lost interest in updating my blog. This may be because I lost all track of time and if it wasn’t for regular weekly events I wouldn’t have known what day of the week it was. But now that I’m back at work, these little updates seem to mean so much. I can’t even say that they’re a work avoidance technique since I generally don’t blog at work.

Four weeks away from the office allows you to really get yourself together and get all the things done that you’ve been whining about all year. It’s no excuse to claim now that you “don’t have time.” You have plenty of time. You have four whole weeks. Having said that, I didn’t get done all the things I wanted to during my holiday. I was busy everyday with either french study, fencing practise, helping friends with home construction projects, holidaying in almost-exotic locales with Kathi and a whole bunch of other stuff. I only had one day in the entire period where I bludged in front of the TV. I think my list of things to do may legitimately have been too long.

The other events on which I spent my holiday were more personal – my daughters’ first birthday and the anniversaries of their deaths and their funeral. That’s a post for another time.