RPG Campaign World?

I’ve been thinking on-and-off on a bunch of song lyrics for many years. To me, they’re quite evocative and I’ve wanted for the longest time to use them to create a roleplaying campaign world.

Wanky? Of course. Worthwhile? Maybe.

The problem is that I can never quite nail it. I’ve never been able to pin down exact what the world looks like, behaves like, who the characters could be or what they might be doing. So, in the interests of intarwebs collaborations, I’ll post the lyics here (without the band name or song titles – just to make it tricky) and throw the discussion open to whoever wants to add in his or her 20 cents worth.

Bonus points for whoever can guess the band and songs. No fair using Google or Wikipedia.

Song #1

We’re angels of light, we’re angels of death
We are born to blaze a nuclear way through space
A way out of the waste that held the human race

We’re angels of light, we’re angels of death
We are the dead who are never led
We are the warriors at the edge of time
We lurk inside your brain, we hide inside you mind.

Song #2

Armies stand so soon to fall
Sorcery is the tune they call
Pitting with against flesh and gall
Timeless search in timeless awe
Walking out to meet his death
To find that this was no release
Searching for some sort of ease
And denying these feeling that make him weak.

Song #3

They’re handing out the weapons
And your armour’s ready too.
But the most important item
Has been left up to you.
You must make a firm decision
And once it’s made you’ll find
That the mask that you have chosen
Will entirely fill your mind.

Song #4

Yet year on year the blood-red tide
Comes from the west unsatisfied
And ever with impatient fret
Gnaw at the human banquet.
The many with madness in their eyes
Stare gibbering at the white-hot skies
While foul birds circle overhead
Shadowing the living and the dead.