I has a sad

i_has_a_sadAllan and Nicola, half of my gaming group, are moving to Melbourne 1700 km away. We’ve been role playing weekly since about mid-2007, playing mainly Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG but with occasional forays into Deadlands, Space 1889 and the like. Although we’ll try to keep the group together using various online meeting and conferencing tools, I’m going to miss terribly the face-to-face interaction.

The main feature of the group is our focus on making the best story we can. We bounce continually character and plot ideas off each other during play, off to our own character’s detriment. The twists and turns of a complex story and the effects it may have in the characters and character interactions has always been at the heart of what we do. We’re definitely interested in more than just killing monsters and taking their stuff. While pretty much every gamer says this about their group, they’re all pathetic amateurs compared to us.

On the up-side, only since being a member of this group have I started rolling 1s all the time. Maybe if they’re not around I’ll get my dice luck back. Then … it’s off to the casino!

More importantly, our weekly gaming session has provided me a regular pressure release valve. I have a tendency to to bury myself (wallow?) in the stresses currently shaping my daily life. One simple and apt comment from theses guys gives my twisted mind a healthy and much needed dose of perspective and sets me up perfectly for the coming week. This process has always delivered a metaphorical punch in the head at the times it has been most needed.

Outside of gaming, I’ll never forget that it was during one gaming session when I had the phone call that Kathi had gone into pre-mature labour with our twin girls, Charlotte and Marianne. Al rushed me to the hospital to be with her. If I remember rightly, Allan and Nicola were also the first people to visit us in hospital. After the girls died, looking forward to our regular Sunday night session was the only thing I could count on to get me through the day.

While I reckon moving to Melbourne is the right choice for Al and Nic – that city’s cosmopolitan culture will suit them to a tee – it’s going to be pretty tough for me. Good luck, guys. Don’t forget us.