Flames of War – US Rangers

I’ve finally finished painting my 15mm US Rangers battalion for Flames of War and it’s time to show them off. The concept is that these guys are from the 1st Ranger Battalion in Italy 1943-4.

I wanted a different look for the Rangers as opposed to my 82nd Airborne company in Normandy (one of my other Flames of War armies) so they traipsing through the rubble of a bombed out town. I’m about 80% happy with the results. I would have liked to have put more bits of junk in the rubble such as bathtubs, furniture, bits of cars, etc but I couldn’t find anything in the right scale except the couple of push bikes and telegraph poles.

These pics are of B Company only. A Company looks pretty much the same so there’s no need to duplicate the images just for the sake of completeness. The bases in the photos look much redder than they do in the flesh. The last picture seems to capture the colour of the bases much better. Let me know what you think.

FoW - US Rangers - B Company

FoW - US Rangers

FoW - US Rangers Mortar Platoon

FoW - US Rangers on the sidewalk

FoW - US Rangers with labels

And just because they were teamed up during the brief existence of the 6615th Ranger Force (Provisional), here’s a pic of a platoon from the 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion. I think this gives a better idea of the colour of the rubble bases.

FoW - US Rangers - 83rd Chemical Mortars