CSI Arkham – Ep 1, Session 5

Hmm. This episode was the pilot for the series. (Why did it take us soooo long?) There’s twelve more episodes in this season.

There was more madness from Rusty Carmichael, the hired killer who failed to murder 16 year old goth girl, Kate Gracie, and put his hands in an industrial deep fryer when she told him to, and from Fr Black, the knife-weilding official/unofficial church exorcist with Elder Signs tattooed on his eyelids.

We couldn’t find Kate anywhere until heard over the dispatch that she’d axed down two poilice officers, stolen a police car and was heading towards Arkham.

Then the fire alarm went off. Rusty Carmichael, speaking in tongues and singing Bruce Springstein in Latin, has somehow managed to spontaneously combust while strapped down to a guerney for his own good.

By the time we’d ushered everyone out of the police station and called the fire brigade, Kate turned up and started axing more people in her efforts to get to Fr Black and the still smouldering but alive Carmichael. Preston and Annabeth gunned her down.

While we completed the paperwork, Harry went home to his wife who had just seen the event on the news. Being British, they said nothing about it and went to look at a new appartment.

Carmichael now resides in the hospital wing of the local prison where he continues to amaze the doctors with his stamina and speed of recovery. Fr Black is consigned to the Arkham Asylum – we couldn’t think of or get a judge to agree to anything worse.